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Special Edition | Atlanta International Special Events Society

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Lissette Suarez/Viridian Images Photograpgraphy

Viridian Images Photography is a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Atlanta but available for travel to any destination. We consider ourselves to be wedding photojournalists. Therefore our style has a strong documentary approach, where we focus on those sincere moments when our subjects are camera unaware. Our mission is to provide elegant, organic, artistic photographs that stand on their own merit, regardless of the latest trends. With that in mind, we offer a tailored approach centered on each couple's unique relationship. While weddings are the cornerstone of our business, we also shoot for several magazines in Atlanta as time permits. Other interests include volunteer work, running and lots of traveling. 


Shane M Cochran/Amusement Masters

18 years in the events industry. 2012 Allies Chair, ISES member for 9 years

Jack Perry Jr with Source Coaching and Purvi Patel with Big Squid Interactive

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Jack Perry Jr./Source Coaching FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Jack Perry, Jr. of Source Coaching came to Atlanta from all corners of the world as a former Army commander, rescue helicopter pilot, and police officer.  His experiences around the world, on the battlefield, his disaster rescue operations in Haiti, and his encounters with street criminals and their victims, provide Jack with a unique perspective about the meaning of life, and how we will be remembered at the end of our days.

When Jack is off the airwaves as host of Legacy Leaders Radio, he is a recognized public speaker, book author, teacher, and professional life coach promoting quality of life issues and teaching professionals to reach for the greater good in their own circle of influence. His particular passion is the war on anger, how very destructive anger is at home and in the workplace, and the fight to extinguish angry emotions in any given situation.

Purvi Patel/Big Squid Interactive FacebookTwitterLinkedin

Social Media Strategist/Director, Purvi Patel manages the social media department for Big Squid Interactive. Purvi was discovered through her LinkedIn profile for Social Media, marketing, and design expertise. Her advanced knowledge and experience with Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, Web Design, Google Analytics, Google Algorithms, Social Reporting, and Content Writing made her an asset to Big Squid Interactive. Purvi strongly believes social media is the greatest marketing tool for any company and their future. Her dedication to research and Social Media development continues to grow our level of service.

Kirkley Hennessy with Hennessy Transportation and Lasso

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Kirkley Hennessy/Hennessy Transportation and Lasso Facebook

Kirkley Hennessy’s entrance into the chauffeured ground transportation industry evolved out of his first business venture, Avalanche Entertainment, founded in 2001. Avalanche offered DJ services to brides, grooms, event planners and venues throughout Atlanta and the Southeast, establishing a large footprint in the wedding industry. With the increasing success of their DJ and videography packages, Avalanche expanded their offering to include a DJ, video and limousine package for weddings. Shortly after this addition, the limousine aspect spun off into its own company in 2011, and Hennessy Transportation was born. Launching in May is Kirkley’s newest venture, Lasso. The only on-demand car app managed by limousine operators.


 Hennessy has grown into a full-service company for airport transportation, corporate planning and leisure travel, dedicating themselves to logistics and manifest management for groups throughout the world! Hennessy services over 1,200 airports in 500 cities across the globe, making them a brand trusted by Fortune 500 companies to manage their group transportation needs. With an in-house team of professionals dedicated to great customer service, backed with the state-of-the-art technology, you can count on Hennessy Transportation to manage, execute and oversee any project with your group’s manifest. And with reservation processes built with the client in mind, you go wherever you need to, 24 hours a day!


Today, Kirkley is directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the company: “We are a company that truly recognizes grass-roots marketing and customer service. Our clients continually support our model with feedback, and they deeply appreciate and admire our attention to detail. We work hard to keep our vehicles safe, clean and enjoyable. Whether it’s the smoke free environment, chilled water or Wi-Fi onboard, you’ll quickly realize we offer much more than transportation.”


Kirkley holds a seat on the Board of Directors for the Greater Atlanta Limousine Association (GALA). This association, comprised of approximately 20-30 limousine companies in the Atlanta area, aims to be the best reflection of the chauffeured transportation industry, as they service over 80% of Atlanta’s limousine and black car fleet.


Hennessy Transportation has been a finalist for “Best Operator of The Year” from Limousine Digest for the past 2 years and is once again nominated in 2013. Hennessy Transportation has also been voted “Best Transportation: Atlanta” from the Wedding Industry Experts organization.


Finally, Hennessy is a company dedicated to giving back to the community. They continually support non-profit organizations of all sizes, including this past weekends event for Tripp Halstead with the Sunshine on a Ranney Day charity!